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This page brings together important resources for various branches of study in classical antiquity.

Basic Tools

To Use Colby Databases off campus, first sign into VPN

Directions on signing up for ILL

Core Databases

l'Annee Philologique

How to use L'Année Philologique

  1. Search Keywords in top box; combine with ancient Author in bottom box if desired
  2. Choose relevant title 
  3. Copy title into OneSearch
  4. Select correct listing
  5. If title is unavailable, you can request it through ILLiad (include page numbers, found on L'Année after book or journal title)

Video Guide

Brill's New Pauly



Humanities International Index


Oxford Classical Dictionary

Project Muse


Art & Architecture Source

Thesaurus Linguae Latinae

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

Loeb Classical Library



   Search for books by Keyword, Author, Title, or by a Subject such as Funeral rites and ceremonies, Ancient

Directions for Requesting through CBBcat






Finding E-Books with CBBcat

To look for E-Books, use CBBcat and change Entire CBB Collection to E-Books

More Help on Finding E-Books

For more help on finding and using e-books, with a list of collections available, please consult the new guide on E-Books

And email me any time for help:

News from Antiquity

New Discoveries at Pompeii Come Amid Renaissance at Site

Image from The Guardian


Archeologists conducting the most intensive dig since the 1960s unearth the skeleton of a man who died trying to escape the eruption, the remains of a horse, and several mosiacs and frescoes.

These discoveries come as the site is struggling to maintain its integrity against the ever increasing influx of tourists which threatens Pompeii's preservation.

Read more at The Guardian's Website.

How do You Read Ancient Scrolls Too Brittle to Unfurl? An American Scientist May Have an Answer    

Image from the Washington Post

Scientists are attempting to digitally read some of the oldest written documents from Western civilization, a collection of scrolls carbonized by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

All previous attempts to physically unfurl the fragile scrolls have resulted in their destruction, so American scientists are scanning them and using a software program to decipher the data and read the scrolls without touching them. The process has worked before on a charred scroll from Israel, but these scrolls pose new challenges.

Read more at The Washington Post.

Vases & Gems & Statues & ...

Classical Art Research Center - CARC

records and images; includes the Beazley Archive Pottery Database and the Gems Database

British Museum collections

many thousands of images for items from Greco-Roman antiquity are available to view. Search, e.g., Minoan or Parthenon

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum

to search, go to this form - and don't be dismayed!  You can fill in just one field, and use the LIST button to the right to make a selection of vocabulary. Once you get to a record, click the Image tab at the top to see photos and drawings of the object

Louvre Museum

searches in English will work; scroll downward to see results

Metropolitan Museum

search for "Greek" or "Roman" then narrow search using Date/Era selections at left

More sources for archaeological images, especially from the Levant, listed on this site: Manar al-Athar


A source for the study of women and gender in antiquity. This link leads to a collection of images and art databases. Select the bibliography for academic sources.

New Books on Antiquity

Texts online and more

Searching the Internet

Be sceptical! For every site you find, ask these questions:

  • Who made it? Look up credentials of the person or organization responsible.
  • When was it posted? Look for a date in the body of the screen or at the bottom.
  • Does it include citations of ancient sources? Or modern scholarship?
  • Try using Google Advanced Search and choose domain = .edu ( in the lower set of search boxes)
  • If appropriate, add museum to your search string
  • When you find books through internet searches, look up the title in CBBcat
  • When you find articles cited through internet searches, look up the title in OneSearch


Librarian for Classics

Contact me at any time!

Karen Gillum

Miller Library  107B

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