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Collection Development Best Practices Toolkit for Research/Instruction Librarians/Subject Liaisons: Review Electronic Resources

Guidelines for Reviewing Electronic Resources

Reviewing Electronic Resources (Based on Guidelines for Reviewers in Charleston Advisor and Library Journal)

  • Product title or common trade name: the official product name.
  • Name and title of reviewer, contact information, date of review: 
  • Pricing options: have CM / CBB investigate pricing options available to subscribers.
  • Product description: a narrative, or “thesis” (LJ) description of the product and its content.
  • Critical evaluation: appraise the strengths and weaknesses of the product, looking critically at content, coverage, design appeal, user experience, does it "do" what it claims in terms of functionality, navigation, etc. What audience does this product serve?
  • Compared with? compare the features, coverage and content of the product with any similar databases or e-resources.
  • Frequency of updates / how are new releases communicated?.
  • Contract Provisions: have CM evaluate options and features of the contracts offered by the vendor.
  • Authentication: have CM determine authentication and security options available to subscribers.
  • References: citations for other reviews of the product or related materials.
  • Related Reviews / Trial Comments: User experiences or opposing views.
  • Contact Information For the Product: Corporate address, phone, fax, e-mail, and URL.
  • Recommendations / Other Subscribers.
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