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HI 398 Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Russia: Home

Research resources for HI 398 students



Consider what sort of information you are seeking to decide which database will give you the best focused results.

For scholarly analysis of historical events and persons, use Historical Abstracts and JSTOR

For present-day events and popular (or governmental) opinion, look at the Current Digest of the Russian Press or Global Newsstream

For reporting going back to the early 20th century, browse newspaper titles in Russian in CRL. Ask a librarian how to make requests!

For reviews and criticism of Russian films, use Screen Studies Collection

>>Note that JSTOR does not include most articles published in the last 5 years<<.

See more descriptions below.

Web Resources

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Suggested Subjects:

For all resources, keep in mind:

  • variation over time of name of the country, or parts of it (Russia, Soviet Union, USSR, Russian Federation, Commonwealth of Independent States) and some local place-names, such as St.Petersburg/Leningrad
  • variations in transliteration from Cyrillic to Roman alphabets, e.g.: Dostoyevsky / Dostoevsky / Dostoevskii / Dostoievski - and more!
  • For a comprehensive chart of methods of transliteration, see this page:



Russia's wars of emergence, 1460-1730   DK51 .S65 2007

The Nikonian chronicle    DK70.A2 N5313 1984 v.1 - 5   PRIMARY SOURCE

Sophia, Regent of Russia, 1657-1704 / Lindsey Hughes   DK125 .H84 1990

           More Biographies

Reforms of Peter the Great: Progress through Coercion in Russia / Evgenii V. Anisimov      DK133 .A5513 1993

Life on the Russian Country Estate: a social and cultural history / Priscilla Roosevelt    DK142 .R66 1995

            More Daily Life & Culture

Memoirs of Princess Dashkova  (Ekaterina Romanovna)   DK169.D3 A3 1995    PRIMARY SOURCE

                More Memoirs

Love & Conquest: personal correspondence of Catherine the Great and Prince Grigory Potemkin  DK170 .A2 2004   PRIMARY SOURCE

              More Letters

Russia, Women, Culture / edited by Helena Goscilo and Beth Holmgren  DK189.2 .R87 1996

Bolshevik women / Barbara Evans Clements   HX313.7 .C64 1997

Narodniki Women: Russian women who sacrificed themselves for the dream of freedom / by Margaret Maxwell   DK219.3 .M39 1990

Celebrating Women: : gender, festival culture, and Bolshevik ideology, 1910-1939 / Choi Chatterjee    Bates, Bowdoin and EBOOK

Gender, Equality and difference during and after state socialism / edited by Rebecca Kay    HQ1662 .G26 2007

Documents of Soviet History / edited by Rex A. Wade   DK265 .A5185 1991   PRIMARY SOURCE

Six Red Months in Russia / Louise Bryant (chh on individual women & on women soldiers)  DK265.7 .B77 1970  PRIMARY SOURCE

The Baku Commune, 1917-1918; class and nationality in the Russian Revolution / Ronald Grigor Suny  DK265.8.B3 S85

Midwives of the Revolution: female Bolsheviks and women workers in 1917 / Jane McDermid and Anna Hillyar  DK265.9.W57 M38 1999

History of the Soviet Union from the Beginning to Its Legacy / Peter Kenez   DK266 .K43 2016

Secondhand Time / Svetlana Alexievich   DK510.76 .A44913 2016   PRIMARY SOURCE

Is journalism worth dying for?: final dispatches / Anna Politkovskaya   DK510.763 .P65413 2011    PRIMARY SOURCE

Russia's Fate through Russian Eyes: voices of the new generation  (much on women in the index)   DK510.763 .R872 2001 

St. Petersburg: madness, murder, and art on the banks of the Neva / Jonathan Miles    DK561 .M55 2018

Petersburg / Andrei Bely   PG3453.B84 P513 1978

             More on Literature

Peeling potatoes, painting pictures : women artists in post-Soviet Russia, Estonia, and Latvia : the first decade / Renee Baigell and Matthew Baigell  at Bates & Bowdoin

Ivan Shishkin / Irina Shuvalova   EBook

Stravinsky in context     EBook

Historical recordings by Igor Stravinsky    Audio Stream



Karen Gillum


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Citations in Brief!

More Memoirs

Days of a Russian noblewoman : the memories of Anna Labzina, 1758-1821 / translated and edited by Gary Marker and Rachel May   DK127.5.L3 A3 2001   PRIMARY SOURCE

Education of a Princess: a Memoir / by Marie, grand duchess of Russia   DK254.M3 A32 1931   PRIMARY SOURCE

Princess in Exile / by Marie, grand duchess of Russia   DK254.M3 A35   PRIMARY SOURCE

Romanov Diary: the autobiography of H.I. & R.H. Grand Duchess George   DK254.M32 A3 1988   PRIMARY SOURCE

My Reminiscences of the Russian Revolution / by M. Philips Price   DK265.7 .P696 1981    PRIMARY SOURCE

One Hundred Red Days: a personal chronicle of the Bolshevik Revolution, 25 November 1917--4 March 1918 / by Edgar Sisson   DK265.7 .S59 1977   PRIMARY SOURCE

My Lives in Russia / Markoosha Fischer   DK267 .F52   PRIMARY SOURCE

Notebooks of Sologdin / Dimitri Panin  (memoir from the actual person who stands behind the character in Solzhenitsyn’s The First CircleDK268.P26 A3913

Memoirs /  Andrei Sakharov  DK275.S25 A3   PRIMARY SOURCE

Winter Dreams: an American in Moscow / Jay Martin    DK276 .M35   PRIMARY SOURCE

Russian Diary: a journalist's final account of life, corruption, and death in Putin's Russia / Anna Politkovskaya   DK510.763 .R87 2007    PRIMARY SOURCE

More Letters

Mrs. Duberly's War: journal and letters from the Crimea, 1854-6 / Frances Isabella Duberly   DK214 .D813 2007   PRIMARY SOURCE

Witness to Revolution: : letters from Russia, 1916-1919 / by Edward T. Heald  DK265.7 .H4   PRIMARY SOURCE

More Biography

Ivan the Terrible / Andrei Pavlov and Maureen Perrie   DK106 .P38 2003

Bride of the Revolution: Krupskaya and Lenin / by Robert H. McNeal   DK254.K77 M3 1972

Revolutionary Women in Russia, 1870-1917 : a study in collective biography / Anna Hillyar and Jane McDermid   DK219.3 .H55 2000

Stalin's Daughter: the extraordinary and tumultuous life of Svetlana Alliluyeva / Rosemary Sullivan   DK275.A4 S85 2015

At his Side: the last years of Isaac Babel / A.N. Pirozhkova    PG3476.B2 Z778 1996

More Daily Life & Culture

Daily Life in the Soviet Union / Katherine B. Eaton   DK266.4 .E17 2004

Mass Culture in Soviet Russia: tales, poems, songs, movies, plays, and folklore, 1917-1953    DK266.4 .M38 1995   PRIMARY SOURCE

Main Street U.S.S.R. / Irving R. Levine    DK276 .L4

Aspects of Soviet Culture: voices of Glasnostʹ, 1960-1990 / Jelena Milojković-Djurić   (literature & music)   DK276 .M53 1991   PRIMARY SOURCE

Life in Stalin's Soviet Union  (ch. on Gender and Sexuality)   DK267 .L54 2019

Lifestyle in Siberia and the Russian North / edited by Joachim Otto Habeck    DK757.3 .L54 2019

Russian Culture /  Margaret Mead et al.  DK268.3 .M43 2001

       "Russian Camera Obscura: Ten Sketches of Russian Peasant Life (1916 - 1918)"

More on Literature

Petersburg / Andrei Bely   PG3453.B84 P513 1978

Red Cavalry / Isaac Babel     PG3476.B2 K613 2003

Forty-Seven Love Poems / Anna Akhmatova    at Bowdoin

A History of women's writing in Russia    PG2997 .H56 2002

Carnival culture and the Soviet modernist novel / Craig Brandist    at Bates

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