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Topic: 1919-1939 Film & Media: Research Resources

Formerly CI 138 Fall 2020 (Wurtzler)

Going to the Movies?

Loews Palace Theater, Washington, D.C. 1932 or 1933 (Harris & Ewing) Library of Congress

The Motion Picture Production Code 1927-1968

Draft of letter to Howard Hughes, Scarface folder p.8.

  • Use the search box under "Explore This Collection" and press return
  • Don't use quotes
  • Check the "Allow Variations" box for a better search.

In the manuscripts box, you should see an entry for the film, which you can click on to explore that film's documents.

In addition to navigation tools and arrows to turn pages, note the Cite and Get Link options. Always add page numbers to your citations. Enable others to find your source.

Find Books, E-books & Films

CBBcat, the library catalog, logo image Search our library catalog.

For remote learning, look for a small circular red E in the icons to the left of your results . This is how CBBcat designates online resources.

Or use the drop-downs on the CBBcat search page for a more precise search.

Get Physical Items

You can retrieve books/DVDs from the Miller Stacks. DVDs and film books are on the same level as the service desk. (DVD drives can be checked out.)

To order other books in CBBcat:

Click on  
at top of the item record.


Enter your name and bar code number (omit beginning and ending letters) from your Student ID or Library Card.

You will be notified by email when your request arrives.

You can also order print books through MaineCat.

Find Writings and Publicity Artifacts of the Time

Digital Resources:


Find Specific Magazine/Newspaper

Want to see if Colby has FULL-TEXT of a particular magazine or journal? 

On the Colby Libraries home page click on the "Journals and Articles" tab.  

Once the orange bar has moved down, enter the publication's name in the search box.

If more than one access point is given, check dates and explore. Some may be full digital versions and others may not.

Find Scholarly Articles

Articles can be found using databases. (Hover over the circular "i" icon to get more info about a resource.)

Some databases have a box that limits your search to peer-reviewed  journals, the gold standard of scholarship.

Scholarly/Academic Journals

  • report original research in a specific discipline
  • use in-text citations and bibliographies
  • typically contain peer-reviewed articles


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Laine Thielstrom

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Find Full-Text of a Citation

  • Find FULL-TEXT of an known article
    • Search first part of article title AND author last name
  • Find reviews
    • Search film title AND director/actor last name AND review
  • Find articles or book chapters on lesser-known people or narrow topics
  • Use limiters!  E.g. journal articles, scholarly material, book chapters, book reviews
  • It's usually NOT good for searching broad topics. Instead use CBBcat or recommended databases.
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