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  Tiger, Tiger, burning bright --

 Oft have you seen a swan superbly frowning --

 The ger-eagle has chosen his part --


Oxford English Dictionary


1. A beast-fighter in the Roman amphitheatre. (Latin bestiarius.) Obsolete.

2. A treatise on beasts: applied to the moralizing treatises written during the Middle Ages. 

[1834   Gentleman's Mag. 104 i. 190   The Bestiarium in the Ashmolean library.]
1871   Sacristy I. 7/1   The Bestiaries..are natural histories of animals treated so that the peculiarities of animals shall convey a wholesome moral.
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The Medieval Bestiary  -- a super-bestiary compiled in a Canadian website                                                                                                    and A Medieval Bestiary -- a page-turning digital replica from the British Library
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