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AR 121a Writing About Art: Library Research Class: Home

A guide to assist you with research on a work in the Lunder Collection of the Colby College Museum of Art

John La Farge Research

  • What can we find out about him?
  • What can we find out about his work?
  • What can we find out about this work?
  • Did he paint similar subjects that might shed light on this painting?
  • Who were his contemporaries?
  • Consider the work in context with other works of its time, genre, region, style.  
  • Are there writings of his own that would shed light on this piece? (e.g. primary sources)
  • What other primary sources can I find?

John La Farge

Agathon to Erosanthe (Votive Wreath)

  Agathon to Erosanthe (Votive Wreath) 

  1861. Oil on canvas. 23 x 13 in.

  John La Farge, 1835-1910, American.

  Colby College Museum of Art,

  Lunder Collection.















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