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Collection Development Best Practices Toolkit for Research/Instruction Librarians/Subject Liaisons: INTRO

Building our Library Collections at Colby College....The Role of Research & Instruction Librarians/Subject Liaisons

The Research and Instruction Librarians at Colby College

  • work directly with the academic faculty to build collections for our three libraries that are relevant to the academic program.
  • analyze the curriculum, faculty research interests and student information behaviors to inform our collection decisions regarding content and formats collected.
  • keep current with new trends in electronic and scholarly publishing and new publications in all formats to enable us to select materials for the three libraries to keep our collections up-to-date 
  • collaborate with consortial library partners (CBB) at Bates and Bowdoin to purchase quality print and electronic collections to support our programs of study.
  • monitor and revise approval plans, publisher packages, and other automated and efficient methods to purchase a wider spectrum of resources for the Colby College Libraries.
  • select additional resources for purchase/subscription, using criteria such as relevance to existing or future program needs, currency, publisher, price, quality, modes of access, diversity of content, depth of coverage, language, etc.
  • use Collection Management guidelines and data to assess collections usage, currency, and subject coverage for purposes of format migration, balancing electronic and print, and consideration of titles for relocation to the storage facility or for weeding.
  • promote and put our collections to work in the community, enhancing visibility and highlighting relevance
  • collaboratively practice all of the above with Collection Management in service of established policies and priorities.

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