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Collection Development Best Practices Toolkit for Research/Instruction Librarians/Subject Liaisons: Engage & Analyze

Best Practice Number 1: Analyze Your Curriculum and Engage with Your Departments and Faculty

  • Analyze the academic programs and the course offerings in your liaison areas.
    • By subject
    • By LC Classification
    • By research and assignments required
    • Are the YBP approval plans (CBB and Colby Slip Plan) addressing the depth of coverage needed?
  • Use the Registrar link on My Colby to do a curriculum search to see what courses are offered each semester to inform collection development. Identify writing intensive courses.
  • Contact faculty members prior to each semester to determine the formats, level, and depth of resources that will be needed for courses taught.
  • Get familiar with the research activities of your faculty member by doing a literature search. Where are they publishing or presenting their research? What are they publishing?
  • Engage with faculty on their ground. Attend department meetings, have the department send a schedule of major speakers, exhibits, symposia, performances or events and coordinate with collection support. Meet with faculty in their office to review their needs or answer questions.
  • Look at the CLAS abstracts and the Colby theses to see what is trending in Colby undergraduate research.

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