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Collection Development Best Practices Toolkit for Research/Instruction Librarians/Subject Liaisons: CONTACT: Research/Instruction Librarians and Collection Management

Guide Editor

This guide was compiled by Margaret Ericson, Research and Instruction Librarian, Arts Librarian and Copyright Liaison, Colby College Libraries.

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Collection Management

Name   Location Phone
Noriega, Ana Assistant Director for Collections Management Miller 004A 5142 ana.noriega
Bailey, Emma Library Assistant, Storage Facility Resources Storage Facility 5124 emma.bailey
Benn, David Library Assistant, Collections Management Miller 004 5147 david.benn
Curtis-Allen, Joanne A. Library Assistant, Stacks Maintenance, Processing & Student Supervision Miller 004 5122 joanne.curtis-allen
Prontnicki, Claire Coordinator, Collection Management Miller 004B 5106 claire.prontnicki
Roy, Linda M. Library Assistant, Electronic Resources Miller 004 5113 linda.roy
Stowe, Gabe Library Assistant, Resource Sharing Miller 004 5125 gabe.stowe
Watkins, John Library Assistant, Storage Facilities Resources Storage Facility 5124 john.watkins


Research and Instruction/ Liaison Librarians

Kara Kugelmeyer, Interim Assistant Director, Research and Instruction Services

Margaret Ericson, Arts Librarian, Collections Functional Specialist

Research Librarians by Subject, A-Z

African-American Studies Marilyn R. Pukkila
American Studies Marilyn R. Pukkila
Anthropology Marilyn R. Pukkila
Archives and Special Collections Pat Burdick
Art Margaret Ericson
Biology Kara Kugelmeyer
Chemistry Kara Kugelmeyer
Cinema Studies Laine Thielstrom
Classics Karen Gillum
Computer Science Kara Kugelmeyer
Creative Writing Karen Gillum
East Asian Studies Karen Gillum
Economics Kara Kugelmeyer temp
Education Marilyn R. Pukkila
English Karen Gillum
English Laine Thielstrom
Environmental Studies Kara Kugelmeyer
French Karen Gillum
Geology Kara Kugelmeyer
German Karen Gillum
GIS Kara Kugelmeyer
Global Studies Laine Thielstrom
Government Kara Kugelmeyer temp
History Marilyn R. Pukkila
Italian Karen Gillum
Jewish Studies Marilyn R. Pukkila
Latin American Studies Laine Thielstrom
Law Laine Thielstrom
Mathematics and Statistics Suzi Cole
Music Margaret Ericson
Philosophy Karen Gillum
Physics and Astronomy Suzi Cole
Psychology Marilyn R. Pukkila
Religious Studies Marilyn R. Pukkila
Russian Karen Gillum
Science, Technology, and Society Suzi Cole
Sociology Marilyn R. Pukkila
Spanish Karen Gillum
Theater and Dance Margaret Ericson
Women’s Studies Marilyn R. Pukkila


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