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Collection Development Best Practices Toolkit for Research/Instruction Librarians/Subject Liaisons: Know LC Class Outline Tools

Know the LC Classification Outline of Your Liaison Areas

Knowledge of the LC classification range in your liaison area is crucial for book collection development and assessing the strengths of our collections, both in and across the disciplines. It is foundation of the profile of our YBP Book Approval Plans. While LC classification numbers are not used in bibliographic records for e-books and other e-collections, the LC classification is STILL a primary search parameter by which liaisons create email Gobi Notifications for new print publications offered through YBP. enable you to read and interpret our YBP CBB Book Approval Plan and the Colby Approval Slip Plan enable you to create Gobi notifications and searches enable you keep up to date with new publications in our liaison area enable you to assess relative strengths and weakness of our local and consortial collections. enable you to identify the appropriate liaison for books on a subject as designated in the Approval Plan.

LC Classification Tools

EXAMPLE: Crosswalk Correlations on LC Class Web

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