Help with OneSearch

What is OneSearch?

OneSearch allows you to expand your search of library resources beyond books in CBBcat.

  • It searches CBBcat, some of our major databases, and online content that we might not own.
  • More targeted than Google Scholar, less precise than a subject-specific database (e.g, PsycInfo).
  • It allows discovery of our research guides, DigitalCommons, and other open access resources.

When should I use OneSearch?

  • When you really aren't sure where to start on your topic. Get help in finding key terms, current events.
  • When you are searching an interdisciplinary topic that would be covered in multiple subject databases.
  • When you have searched other databases and still aren't finding a particular aspect.

There are library resources not included in OneSearch.  For comprehensive or discipline-targeted searches, check out the databases listed in our Research Guides.

Search Tips

By default: all terms in a search are combined with the AND operator.

  • plants AND animals (results must contain both terms)
  • To expand results, use OR: microcircuits OR nanocircuits (results will contain either term)

Combining terms? 

  • OR, NOT and AND must be written in ALL CAPS
  • words in quotes will appear together: “teacher education”

Wildcard symbol:

  • An asterisk (*) will match zero or more characters within a word or at the end of the root of a word
  • Examples: Ch*ter would retrieve Charter, Character, and Chapter
  • Financ*  would retrieve Financial, Finance and Finances
  • Wildcards cannot be used as the first character of a search.

Refine your search:

  • Chose refinements on the left to adjust your results