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Popular Music: Let's Begin

Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane, "White Rabbit" Live at Woodstock, 8/17/1969

Grace Slick with Jefferson Airplane, "White Rabbit-Live at Woodstock, August 17, 1969" YouTube video, 2:41, accessed September 22, 2015, .

Grace Slick composed White Rabbit, one of the top songs in rock music history.

Organizing your research

Approaching your topic, you might frame your search into these components:

  • Larger context of why this music or musician is important from creative or stylistic perspective
  • Criticism from social, cultural, global / national, political perspectives
  • Biography
  • Artistic influences
  • Musical styles
  • Music Video 
  • Audience / Reception / Identity
  • Musical elements and organization
  • Modes of Performance (club, festival, acoustic, electronic, stage, studio, TV, video, film, commercial CD, e.g.): what can we learn

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