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Music and Gender: Start / Think Strategically

From our library collection

Start with OneSearch (Library Home Page)

Think about Research Strategically

  • Do a quick scan first for background information, using a few keywords or subjects:
    • Use One Search, the default search box on the library home page, to find a few articles
    • Use Encyclopedias recommended on this guide
    • Do a quick scan through Colby College's Ebooks portal, Ebrary, do quickly scan the literature online
    • Look at Wikipedia or other free resources on the web.
  • List concepts and keywords relevant to your topic.
  • Group those concepts similar in meaning together with OR. Combine different concepts together with AND
    • e.g. (gender or sex* or femin*) AND (film or cinema) AND (music or sound*)
  • Use terminology and facts learned from the background information to search for:
  • Investigate the notes and bibliographies of every good source, to find for leads to more sources
  • Evaluate the sources you have found. Where is the information coming from, is it biased, is it scholarly, is it up-to-date, can you retrace where the author found the informaiton? Are you using primary material (e.g. videos, interviews with the choreographer, photographs, reviews of opening night in newspapers).
  • Cite all of your sources of information using Chicago Manual of Style.

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