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Sudan timeline

  • 600BC-350AD- Nubian Empire controlled Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan
  • 600’s- Arab invaders introduced Islamism
  • 1820- Invaded by Muhammid Ali and Egypt
  • 1899- Sudan taken over by Anglo-Egyptian forces and became governed by Britain and Egypt
  • 1952- Sudan gains independence, but Christian South began to rebel against dominant Muslim North resulting in civil war
  • 1958- Military seized power
  • 1964- Civilian rule was re-established
  • 1969- Gaafar Muhammad Nimeri seized control in a coup
  • 1972- South Sudan gained substantial independence, but this did not solve 
  • any of the tension
  • 1980- The country was split into six regions with assemblies and effective 
  • autonomy
  • 1983- Strict Islamic law put into place, conflicts deepen between the 
  • government and Sudan People’s Liberation Army of the south
  • 1985- Nimeri lost power, civilian government was reintroduced
  • 1986- Elected a Coalition government with Sadiq al-Mahdi as prime minister
  • 1989- Military instated a Revolutionary Command Council
  • 1991- Bashir, military leader, was re-elected as leader and his government was known to be Dominated by the National Islamic Front and have ties to Iranian terrorist groups
  • 1996- UN imposed sanctions on Sudan
  • 1998- US bombed pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum because of an ultimately inaccurate belief that Sudan possessed nuclear weapons
  • 2003- There was a severe humanitarian conflict as rebels and Arab Militias broke out into fighting in Darfur
  • 2005- Peace deal signed, but conflicts only got worse
  • 2006- “Over 200,000 had died, most killed by the government-backed militias, and 2 million became refugees. The militias were accused of ethnic cleansing. The government of Sudan refused to accept a UN peacekeeping force”(Philip’s)
  • 2007- Continuing conflict Darfur causes the government to agree to UN troop deployment
  • 2011- South Sudan became a sovereign state July 9th 

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o Civil war between SPLA and Islamist government continued

Research compiled by Hannah Insuik

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