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EN 398 Space & Place in Contemporary Native American Literature: Research Resources

Spring 2018 (Quintana)

Find Journal Articles

Articles in scholarly journals are particularly important to academic research.

Scholarly Journals...

  • report original research in a specific discipline
  • use in-text citations and bibliographies
  • typically contain peer-reviewed articles

Look for a box in databases that will allow you to limit your results to scholarly or peer-reviewed journals

Good Research Takes Time

Keep a research log & document every search.

Explore a variety of search terms.

Check multiple resources.

Carefully evaluate all materials.

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OneSearch searches multiple resources at once. Use for very precise searches:

  • Finding a specific article
  • Finding book chapters on a writer or an artistic work
  • Finding book reviews

For best results, use limiters. 

LIBRARY RESOURCES: EN 398 Space and Place in Contemporary Native American Literature

 Photo: Residential School (Library and Archives Canada/PA-042133)

Primary Sources

Search Tips

  1. Catalog and database searches are very literal; results only include items with the exact word(s) given.
  2. Use an asterisk to expand a search all endings of a word: Cuba* = Cuba, Cuban, Cubans
  3. Use quotes to glue together a phrase: "Asian American"
  4. Put synonyms in parentheses with OR between each term: (race OR racism)
  5. As you find material, scan for alternative search terms in item records and references, and then try new searches.
  6. Start with a keyword search and look for subject heading links in item records. These group material by "aboutness."
  7. Keep a log of search terms

Sample CBBcat Subject Headings (change 1st drop-down to Subject):

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Find Books & Media

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Reference & Context

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