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EN 283 Environmental Humanities: Stories of Crisis and Resilience

Professor: Christopher A. Walker

EN 283 Environmental Humanities:

Photo: Mighty on the Lehigh by A. Strakey. Abandoned Bethlehem Steel Works on the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania (2009)

Scholarly Journals

Articles in scholarly/academic journals, especially PEER-REVIEWED journals are particularly important to college research. They:

  • provide in-depth analysis or report original research
  • use in-text citations and bibliographies
  • are written by and for scholars

Look for options in databases to limit your results to articles in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.

Find Books

Use CBBcat (our Colby, Bates & Bowdoin library catalog) to find books, e-books and films (DVDs & streaming).


KEYWORD SEARCH - just words

Use quotes to glue together words in phrases, titles or an author's name:  "oil spill"

An asterisk is a wild card that stands in for different endings of a word: ethic* = ethic, ethics, ethical

A search string includes a combination of elements:  "environmental justice" AND (latin* OR hispanic)

Note that synonyms should be contained in parentheses separated by OR.


SUBJECT SEARCH - "aboutness"

Do a keyword search then look for Subject headings in item records. Subject headings can help you find books by subject matter, not just by the occurrence of words in item records.

Keyword search: Ecopoetry.

Subjects listed in item records: Ecology in literature, Ecocriticism, Nature conservation in literature, Environmental protection in literature

Click on the live links or do new searches with the terms listed. Subject headings can also be used to craft a better keyword search by identifying key terms.



Items at Colby: Look at both the location and the call number. Most literary works are on the 2 bottom floors of the Miller Library bookstacks. Items about the environment may be in the Olin Science library.

Books located at the Colby Storage Facility, Bates or Bowdoin: To order click

Enter your name and bar code number (omit beginning and ending letters) from your Student ID or Library Card. You will be notified by email when your request is available to pickup at the Miller Service Desk.


OneSearch searches multiple resources at once. Use for very precise searches:

  • Finding a specific article
  • Finding book chapters on a topic
  • Finding book reviews

For best results, use limiters:  field drop-downs (Title, Publication Title), content type (articles, book chapters, book reviews), etc.

For topical searches, first consult CBBcat and individual databases.

Following a Citation Trail

Check the works cited, notes, references and bibliographies of every relevant article or book. You may discover a book or article perfect for your topic.

sample citations

Hafley, James Robert, 1928 - The Glass Roof: Virigina Woolf as a Novelist. Berkely: University fo California Press, 1954. (link to bibliography)

One good source can lead to another!
Look for a Cited Work using:

  • OneSearch (articles)
  • CBBcat (books, media available through Colby)
  • Hathi Trust (sometimes has full-text digital versions of older books or articles)
  • WorldCat (if can't find resource locally)

Literature & Film Databases

Try these library DATABASES to find scholarly articles related to literature and film:

   MLA International Bibliography is the main go-to database for literature. Try here first.

  WARNING: JSTOR may not include recent issues of journals. Missing issues can go back as far as 5 years.

Other Databases

Video/Media Production

Interlibrary Loan

Articles not available in full-text? Request through ILLiad interlibrary loan.

Look for Request from ILLiad or Request from another library links in databases and Worldcat.

Access your account from the My Accounts tab on the Colby Libraries website.

Video Production Specialist

Tim Stonesifer


I'm here to help with any part of your video project. Email me to set up a time to meet or you can come by my office in Miller 102.

Relevant Journals

Environmental Humanities - An open access, peer-reviewed journal published by Duke University. Includes The Living Lexicon, which are essays on important keywords.

Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities - A peer-reviewed journal from the University of Nebraska. Indexed in JSTOR.

Good Research Takes Time

Search multiple resources.

Carefully compose search strings.

Search for alternative keywords & subject headings.

Use Limiters.

Keep a research log.

Carefully evaluate all material.

Photo: Clock Roskilde University by nikolainewyork


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