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Classics: Rome

This page brings together important resources for various branches of study in classical antiquity.

General History


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Aspects of Ancient Rome

Model of Ancient Rome



Slavery in Ancient Rome

Women in Rome


- 753 BCE Founding of Rome by Romulus
- 753-715 BCE Reign of Romulus
- 715-673 BCE Reign of Numa Pompilius
- 509 BCE

Expulsion of Tarquinius Superbus, last king of Rome

Beginning of Republic

- 449 BCE Decemviri publish the Twelve Tables of Roman Law
- 390 BCE Sack of Rome by Gauls
- 342 BCE Lex Genucia- No man may hold the same office before 10 years have passed since last election
- 312 BCE Construction begins on Via Appia, and Aqua Appia (first Roman aqueduct)
- 287 BCE

Lex Hortensia- Made laws passed by Plebeian Council applicable to all citizens

Birth of Archimedes

- 280 BCE Pyrrhic War
- 264-241 BCE

First Punic War

Sicily become first Roman Province

- 254 BCE Birth of Plautus
- 218-201 BCE Second Punic War
- 216 BCE Battle of Cannae: Hannibal defeats Roman forces
- 214-205 BCE First Macedonian War
- 202 BCE Battle of Zama: Scipio Africanus defeats Hannibal
- 202-196 BCE Second Macedonian War



Third Macedonian War


Destruction of Carthage

- 133 BCE Tribune Tiberius Gracchus secures agragian reform, subsequently murdered
- 107 BCE Marian Reforms of the Roman Legions
- 88 BCE Sulla's first civil war- first time Roman legions crossed the pomerium
- 73-71 BCE Servile War led by Spartacus 
- 67 BCE Lex Gabinia passes, giving Pompey unprecedented military power against pirates
- 60 BCE Formation of First Triumvirate, informal alliance between Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus
- 54-53 BCE Crassus's campaign against Parthians is unsuccessful, resulting in his death
- 49 BCE Caesar crosses Rubicon, beginning Second Civil War against Pompey and the Optimates
- 48 BCE Pompey assassinated in Egypt
- 45 BCE Caesar named perpetual dictator of Rome
- 44 BCE Caesar assassinated on Ides of March, conspiracy led by Brutus and Cassius
- 44-42 BCE

Third Civil War between Caesar's assassins and his heirs; Octavian and Antony

- 43 BCE Formation of Second Triumvirate; formal alliance between Octavian, Mark Antony, and Marcus Lepidus
- 31 BCE Battle of Actium: Octavian defeats Mark Antony and Cleopatra
- 29 BCE Virgil begins writing The Aeneid
- 27 BCE

Octavian named Augustus Caesar - sole ruler of Rome

End of Roman Republic - Beginning of Roman Empire

- 8 CE

Ovid first publishes his Metamorphoses

- 43 CE Invasion of Britain under Emperor Claudius
- 64 CE  Great Fire of Rome

70  CE 

Sack of Jerusalem
- 80 CE Inauguration of the "Colosseum"
- 122 CE Construction of Hadrian's Wall begins
- 410 CE Sack of Rome by Alaric I




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