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This page brings together important resources for various branches of study in classical antiquity.

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New Books on Antiquity

News from Antiquity

Kiln's 'Ancestor' Found in Greece

Image from BBC News


Archaeologists have discovered the oldest clay "fireplaces" made by humans at a dig in southern Greece.

The hearths are between 34,000 and 23,000 years old and were almost certainly used for cooking by prehistoric inhabitants of the area.

Read more at the Official BBC Website


Vases & Gems & Statues & ...

Classical Art Research Center - CARC

records and images; includes the Beazley Archive Pottery Database and the Gems Database

British Museum collections

many thousands of images for items from Greco-Roman antiquity are available to view. Search, e.g., Minoan or Parthenon

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum

to search, go to this form - and don't be dismayed!  You can fill in just one field, and use the LIST button to the right to make a selection of vocabulary. Once you get to a record, click the Image tab at the top to see photos and drawings of the object

Louvre Museum

searches in English will work; scroll downward to see results

Metropolitan Museum

search for "Greek" or "Roman" then narrow search using Date/Era selections at left


More sources for archaeological images, especially from the Levant, listed on this site: Manar al-Athar

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This link leads to the beginning of the Iliad.  Branch out to commentary, dictionary entries, bibliography and other texts.

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