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Writing Program: WP115E


Search databases for newspaper, magazine & journal articles, video:


For a list of all Colby's databases, 

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Getting Books & Videos

CBBcat:  search for books and videos in the catalogs for Colby, Bates, and Bowdoin 

For books in Miller:
Look for the stacks plan beside the stairs.

For books at Bates, Bowdoin, or in Colby Storage:
Click on the CBB Request button in the record for the book you want. Then fill in your name and the barcode number (no letters) on the back of your Colby ID card.

OneSearch: expand your search to include articles  

 WorldCat:  extend your search to libraries worldwide 

To request books from WorldCat,

Sign up for ILLiad

►For a list of Colby's databases,Click here

►For 1-minute Videos on how to search CBBcat, WorldCat, and databases, how to submit ILL requests, and more ... Click here


►For a list of librarians with the subjects they cover,  Click here 



Think Strategically about Your Research

  • Looking up background information first can save you time later - use Credo Reference 
  • Use terminology and facts learned from the background information to search for articles in Academic Search Complete and other databases listed on the left
  • Search for books in any of Colby's catalogs, expanding your search with subject linking
  • Investigate the notes and bibliographies of every good source you find for leads to more
  • Think about what sorts of publications the information you need might be published in.
    • Biographical or other facts? Try Credo, or books on appropriate subjects. 
    • Contemporary news and opinions?  Search ProQuest Newsstand or newspapers by title online. 
    • Analyses of events? Search in Academic Search Complete for news magazines and academic periodicals. 

And if you need help with anything, don't hesitate to contact me:

Search Tips


Use an asterisk to stand in for different word endings:  femin*  = feminist, feminism, etc.
Use quotation marks to "glue together" a phrase:  "gender roles" 
Use parentheses & OR to search synonyms:  (refugee OR migrant)



​Find a good book or article in a Keyword search? Look at its full record to see if there are Subject Terms. Click on these links to find other items about that subject.


Some examples of CBBcat Subject Headings:

Women in Deogarh morning, Orissa, India (Source: Wikicommons)


Check the notes, references and bibliographies of every relevant article or book. One good source can lead to another!

Books in the Catalog

Journal Article Record

           The record below is from Academic Search Complete. Clicking on a citation in your result list will take you to a record like this:


APA style from OWL at Purdue

One example:

Murray, J. S.  (2017)  Meeting the psychosocial needs of child refugees during resettlement in Germany. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 37, 613 - 618.

Exercise Questions

1. I saw something, maybe a blog post, about a Syrian terror suspect caught by Syrian refugees.

2. There were some articles this month in the New York Times and the London Times about refugees in Sweden.
3. I saw an article called, I think, "Do Anti-Immigration Parties Matter," in the journal  Scandinavian Political Studies.
For each:  Where will you look?  Once you have found it/them: What is the date and or title?
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