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GE 494: Topics in Geoscience: Comparative Anatomy of the Appalachian Orogen in Space and Time: Care for Your Data

Why Data Management?

  • Saves time
  • Increases your efficiency
  • Helps you to preserve and protect your data from loss
  • Helps you to view data as an output in its own right
  • Enables transparency and research integrity 

Some Best Practices

Collect Data and Documentation

  • Save references to a software manager (e.g., Mendeley) to ensure proper / complete citations
  • Back up data and documentation: "Rule of 3" places, e.g., hard drive, thumb drive, web space

Analyze data

  • Back up data and documentation
  • Leave your original data intact using copies to perform analyses
  • Include algorithms, formulae, methods in your documentation (use a scripting software such as R to document your analyses)

Create End Product

  • Back up drafts and end product: "Rule of 3"
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