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Music from the Orestes

A modern performance of a fragment of music from the Orestes found on papyrus.

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This link leads to the beginning of the Orestes.  Branch out to commentaries, dictionaries, bibliography and other texts.

Books at Colby

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Search the Classic Colby Catalog by Subject = Euripides or Subject= Euripides -- Criticism and interpretation

Some examples of results:

Browse General Books on Greek Tragedy

Begin at call number PA3130

The Cambridge Companion to Greek Tragedy (PA3131 .C29 1997) includes several helpful essays, such as Oliver Taplin's "The Pictorial Record," Peter Burian's "Myth into mythos: the shaping of tragic plots," and "Modern Critical Approaches" by Simon Goldhill. At the back of the book are a glossary, chronology, and bibliography. Another, similar book for reference and background is Justina Gregory's Companion to Greek Tragedy ( PA3131 .C56 2005 ). This companion includes more essays on types of characters in tragedy, such as Donald Mastronarde's article on the gods, Mark Griffith's "Authority Figures," and Judith Mossman's "Women's Voices."

For a quick but helpful overview, p. 89-123 of Classical Literature: An Introduction, edited by Neil Croally and Roy Hyde (PA3001 .C55 2011 on the New Books shelf) summarizes major points about Greek tragedy and its environs. The guide to further reading on p.123 points to works cited in the bibliography, beginning on p.400.

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