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AR 256 African American Art: PRIMARY SOURCES

Primary Sources from the Colby College Libraries

Locate primary sources in the Colby Catalog by using the artist's name and a term such as: sources, letters, autobiographies, diaries, etc. Locate the most obvious primary sources by simply doing an author search using the artist's name (last, first), and looking for sources listed below. The library also subscribes to many primary source collections: textual, media, visual, and music. 

  • art works, illustrations, prints
  • letters
  • interviews
  • diaries
  • photographs
  • autobiographies
  • exhibition reviews of the time period
  • newspapers or articles of the time period
  • manuscripts
  • facsimiles
  • ephemera (e.g. posters, broadsides, advertisements)
  • original works of literature (poetry, drama, fiction, etc.)
  • government documents
  • oral histories / transcripts
  • travelogues


Characteristics of Primary and Secondary Sources

Suggested Primary Source Databases and Collections

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