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Philosophy and Art: Kaethe Kollwitz

Death Swoops

Museum of Modern Art

Hamburger Kniepe

Christie's catalogue; lot 71 from sale 5561


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BOOKS  in the catalog

Käthe Kollwitz / Elizabeth Prelinger ; with essays by Alessandra Comini and Hildegard Bachert

    Catalog of an exhibition held May 3-Aug. 16, 1992 at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C

            ART N6888.K62 A4 1992


  Käthe Kollwitz : woman and artist / by Martha Kearns

        ART NE654.K6 K42





   Prints and drawings of Käthe Kollwitz

       ART NE654.K6 Z52 1969





 Diary and letters of Kathe Kollwitz.   Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 1988.

 ART NE6888.K62 A3 1988  


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ARTbibliographies Modern is another good source for articles on this artist.


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  • There are now at least two museums in Germany devoted to Käthe Kollwitz's work, one in Cologne, and one in Berlin. Explore their websites for information on their collections, biographical timeline (Cologne), current views on Kollwitz and her influence, and  more images of her work.

  • MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art in New York) also has a collection of Kollwitz work, with images online.

  • A video with loud music...

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