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Russian: Prisoner of the Mountains

Film Poster

A Russian army patrol is ambushed by Caucasian rebels and two survivors are taken prisoner, by a local patriarch who is hoping to barter them for the release of his captured son. A bond of understanding develops between the soldiers and their captors, but it is broken when plans for their release go awry and a chain of violence and retaliation is precipitated

Information, Links, and Contacts

Welcome, First Class Students!


On this page you will find directions for viewing your assigned film, Prisoner of the Mountains, and email addresses for people who can help with any questions you may have.


To view the film,

*     If you have questions about these procedures or encounter difficulties viewing the film, contact:  

                  Karen Gillum    or   Laine Thielstrom

*      If you have questions about the content of the assignment or the class, contact:

                 Professor Elena Monastireva-Ansdell


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