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CL 398B: Reception of the Iliad: Cowper, Hobbes, Dart & Newman

William Cowper

As when around the clear bright moon the stars                                                     Shine in full splendour, and the winds are hush'd,      


For quick background, check the entry on William Cowper in the Dictionary of Literary Biography or, more generally, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

 For greater depth:

William Cowper: A Biography                             by James King

       PR3383  K5  1986

Cowper's Poetry                                              by Vincent Newey

       PR3384  N4  1982

  Homer's Iliad, translated by William Cowper               

ebook from Project Gutenberg


Joseph Henry Dart (1817–1887)

Joseph Henry Dart (entry in the Oxford DNB)

      "Never again, old man, let me find thee here by the galleys...                                                                                                                                  Whom thou seekest is mine: and mine, be sure, I retain her!"

Dart's translation of the Iliad  - Google ebook

Dart's legal writing: A compendium of the law and practice of vendors and purchasers of real estate (1851)    from the Internet Archive

Thomas Hobbes

Quick Reference

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (DNB)

Encyclopedia Britannica    

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

In Greater Depth  

    Cambridge Companion to Hobbes

        B1247 .C26 1996

   State of Nature or Eden? Thomas Hobbes and his contemporaries on  the natural condition of human beings  by Helen Thornton           JC153 .H659 T52 2005

   Exile and Journey in Seventeenth-Century Literature  by Christopher D'Addario

       PR438 .E95 D33 2007

   Homer's Iliads   the 1676 edition

Francis William Newman (1805-1897)

   Behind him, by his auburn hair, she caught the child of Peleus,                    and stood, to him alone reveal'd; but none beside him saw her.                

  A biography and list of publications for this very liberal thinker may be found in the Dictionary of Literary Biography online, and another biography in the Oxford DNB.

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