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CL 398B: Reception of the Iliad: Historical Periods

Restoration Period & 18th Century Britain

Victorian Period

The Cambridge Companion to Victorian Poetry                               PR591 .C36 2000        especially "the hexameter mania" section within the chapter on "Victorian Meters."    "Victorian Poetry and Patriotism" (p.255-79) is also of interest.    

English Poetry of the Victorian Period1830-1890                                      PR591 .R5 2001                           chapters on "The Diction of Victorian Poetry" and "Victorian Versification" (with more basic explanations & definitions than in the Cambridge Companion), as well ch.6 on the Victorian love of "The Past" may be useful

A Companion to Victorian Poetry               PR591 .C66 2002

   chapters on "Epic" (1), "The Classical Tradition"  (12), and "Poetry in Translation" (14)          a chronology of history & literature at the front                               


Daily Life in Victorian in England

DA533 .M675 1996

  • a chronology of the period at the front
  • "A Brief History of Victorian England," p.1-16

Victorian England: Aspects of English and Imperial History

DA550 .S42 1992

A Companion to Victorian Lterature & Culture

PR461 .C597 1999

  • 4 chapters examine 4 key dates
  • ch.11 on the Legal profession
  • ch.21 on Poetry

A Short History of England, by Simon Jenkins

Century of the Great Wars

A Companion to Twentieth Century Poetry    

PR601 .C56 2001

Essays on Poetry and War, Pound's Pisan Cantos, which make complex use of Homer, and Derek Walcott's Omeros

Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century English Literature

  PR471 .C36 2004   and online

organized chronologically and by movement; for background

European Literature from Romanticism to Postmodernism

  PN710 .E88 2001  and online        

a collection of writings by practitioners of major movements in the last two centuries, with useful introductions to each section; for background


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