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Philosophical Anthropology: PL174

Philosophical anthropology

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As you approach Philosophical Anthropology...

           Think Strategically about Your Research

  • Search for books in any of Colby's catalogs, expanding your search with subject linking
  • Investigate the notes and bibliographies of every good source you find for leads to more
  • Be sure to look at the Background page for leads to definitions, examples of citations, and guides to evaluating sources                        


Some Philosophers of Note in the Field                


*link to page on

 Martha Nussbaum




               B1878.M55 S55 2005  Available in Miller

               B1875 .F46 1999 

               B1875 .H44 2009

               Link to e-Book

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Karl Marx




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Jean-Paul Sartre




1. Books at Colby about Sartre, including...

  •    Cambridge Companion to Sartre    
    B2430.S34 C29 1992
  •    Feminist Interpretations of Sartre                                                                                                  B2430.S34 F42 1999
  •    Sartre, Self-Formation, and Masculinities                                                                                    B2430.S34 B67 2005
  •    Aquinas and Sartre: On Freedom, Personal Identity, and the Possibility of Happiness                                 B765.T54 W25 2009

2. Books at Colby by Sartre


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Charles Taylor

      Lecture at Columbia

Charles Taylor


Article on Charles Taylor in Britannica Online

and another in the Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy

Interview with Charles Taylor on the Utopian blog

Charles Taylor's column on Project Syndicate

Charles Taylor Bibliography: covers works by and about Taylor; slightly annotated



Books at Colby about Charles Taylor

                                          B995.T34 A23 2000      

Books at Colby by Charles Taylor

a couple of articles by Charles Taylor:



Marjorie Grene




Books by Marjorie Grene at Colby:

  •    Sartre, B2430.S34 G724
  •    Dreadful Freedom: a Critique of Existentialism  BD355 .G7
  •    The Philosophy of Biology: an Episodic History, Marjorie Grene, David Depew  SCIENCE QH331 .G736 2004
  •    Descartes and his Contemporaries: Meditations, Objections, and Replies, edited by Roger Ariew and Marjorie Grene   B1875 .D37 1995

Books about Marjorie Grene

   The Philosophy of Marjorie Grene    B945.G734 P47 2002

  The Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Biology / edited by David Hull and Michael Ruse    SCIENCE QH331.C285 2007 






Ideas, in and before Descartes,  by Ariew, Roger and Marjorie Grene

Journal of the History of Ideas, 01/1995, Volume 56, Issue 1, pp. 87 - 106


Special Topics



     "A discussion of philosophical concerns that refuses to identify the human experience with the male experience.... Feminist philosophers fault traditional metaphysics for splitting the self from the other and the mind from the body"

  • The Blackwell Guide to Feminist Philosophy  HQ1190 .B575 2007 
  • An Introduction to Feminist Philosophy, by Alison Stone  HQ1190 .S769 2007 
  • Women, Knowledge, and Reality : Explorations in Feminist Philosophy / Edited by Ann Garry, Marilyn Pearsall  HQ1190 .W688 1996

Explore the journal Hypatia: a Journal of Feminist Philosophy

Philosophy of Race






  • A Companion to Phenomenology and Existentialism, ed. by Hubert L. Dreyfus and Mark A. Wrathall   B829.5 .C557 2006  Laid out very clearly.
  • Essays in Existentialism, Jean-Paul Sartre   B2430.S32 E5 1974        
  • L'être et le néant, essai d'ontologie phénoménologique, par J.-P. Sartre   B819 .S271
  • Existence in Black: an Anthology of Black Existential Philosophy, ed. by Lewis R. Gordon  B936 .E85 1997
  • Existentia Africana: Understanding Africana Existential Thought, by Lewis R. Gordon  B944.A37 G67 2000

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