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Philosophical Anthropology: CONTEMPORARY SCHOLARSHIP


Books, essays, and journal articles on philosophical anthropology from Philosopher's Index  
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Philosopher's Indexis the best place to find citations and abstracts for books, essays, and journal articles representing the lates scholarship in Philosophy. While Philosopher's Index is not a full-text database, the "Full Text" button beside each citation will automatically scan all Colby's online resources, including JSTOR, to see if the articles you need might be available here. If they are not, remember that you can always borrow articles using your ILLiad account.


For an overview of some of the central concerns of Philosophical Anthropology, you might also want to check out these books...

The Mystery of Individuality by Mark Perry (2012)

  • The Wound of Duality
  • Who Am I?
  • The Iconic Figure
  • Kingdoms and Nations
  • Individuality is not Individualism
  • Beyond Good and Evil
  • Satan is not an Atheist
  • Capital Punishment
  • On Authority
  • Primacy of Character
  • The Forbidden Door
  • Hieros Gamos or the Forbidden Marriage

Ten Theories of human Nature by Leslie Stevenson and David L. Haberman (2009)

  • Introduction: Rival theories and critical assessments
  • Confucianism : the way of the sages
  • Upanishadic Hinduism : quest for ultimate knowledge
  • Buddhism : in the footsteps of the Buddha
  • Plato : the rule of reason
  • Aristotle : the ideal of human fulfilment
  • The Bible : humanity in relation to God
  • Historical interlude -- Kant : reasons and causes, morality and religion
  • Marx : the economic basis of human societies
  • Sartre : radical freedom
  • Darwinian theories of human nature
  • Conclusion: A synthesis of the theories?

Humankind: A Brief History by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto (2004)

  • Introduction : The arena of 'humanhood'  
  • The animal frontier
  • Formally human
  • Human being or being human
  • The evolutionary predicament
  • Post-human futures?
For more detailed examination of particular topics, you might also want to check out these books...
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