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CL 197: Olympics in Antiquity: PRIMARY SOURCES


Xenophanes of Colophon


text and translation with commentary

James H. Lesher

most of this book is available electronically through Google Scholar. Colby also has the physical book at BX258.X33 F73 1992


Search for references to the Olympic games in the Greek historian Herodotus by typing the word "olympic" into the search box on this page.  Click on the blue link "More(6)" to see all the results. Click on the blue link to book and chapter number, to see the whole passage in which the reference occurs.

And what does the historian Thucydides say about the Olympic games?  Search a translation of the text for the word "olympic" here.

     Or try typing in "Panathenaea"


Lucian, Anacharsis - Fowler & Fowler translation, p. 190-212

                                   Francklin translation (1780)

     > background on Anacharsis and Solon, from Lives of the Eminent Philosophers, by Diogenes Laertius

             On the Death of Peregrinus - Fowler & Fowler p.84-7


Pindar, Pythian Odes - from the Perseus Digital Library

Sophocles, Electra, 680 ff. - from the Perseus Digital Library         

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