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German: GM 297

The Canon of German Literature

Literary Movements

Sturm und Drang

Lovers, Parricides, and Highwaymen: Aspects of Sturm und Drang Drama, Bruce Duncan  PT643 .D86 1999

The Impatient Muse: Germany and the Sturm und Drang, Alan C. Leidner  PT317 .L45 1994

Sturm und Drang: junge Autoren blicken auf eine Epoche  PT317 .S933 2009   Selected texts from authors of the "Sturm und Drang" period in combination with texts by contemporary German authors

Weimar Classicism

The Literature of Weimar Classicism, ed. by Simon Richter  Request from Bates or Bowdoin


Schubert's Lieder and the Philosophy of early German Romanticism, Lisa Feurzeig, ML410 .S3 F39 2014

The Cambridge Companion to German Romanticism, Nicholas Saul, MUSIC NX550 .A1 C35 2009 [Online version]

The Philosophical Foundations of Early German Romanticism, Manfred Frank ; translated by Elizabeth Millán-Zaibert, 2004 [Online]


German 297Af : Readings in 19th-Century Drama


Weimar's Courtyard of the Muses, 1860, Theobald Freiherr von Oer


For General Reference on Writers

Use terminology and facts learned from the background information to search for articles and books relevant to your topic

Finding Books

Search by Author:

To search for books by a specific author in CBBcat, select Author from the drop-down menu, and enter: Lastname, Firstname

Search by Subject:

You can also type in an author's name, last name first:

 Schiller, Friedrich

Look for the subheading Criticism and Interpretation:

 as Subject, or specify a period, e.g.: German literature - 18th century - History and criticism

In the record of every helpful book you find, look at the set of subject lines for ways to expand your search into other avenues


Use handbook or companion as an additional Keyword to find general books on a topic or writer:


Karen Gillum

Miller 107B

Journals and more

To Find Articles:

Scholarly articles are accessible through the Modern Language Association's database, MLA International Bibliography.
Remember to search by Name as Subject.

Other sources for academic articles:

Investigate the notes and bibliographies of every good source you find for leads to more

For the Popular Press:

  • Der Spiegel  Enter terms into the search box on this page to search this popular news magazine through LexisNexis
  • ProQuest Newsstand  International newspapers; enter terms in German

Think about what sorts of publications the information you need might be published in

To Explore Further:

You can search the Deutsche National Bibliothek catalog; although it is unlikely that we can borrow items directly, you may find leads to resources available through other avenues. The DNB also offers some items online, for a fee.

Europeana  a digital collection from across Europe. 

NCCO  Nineteenth Century Collections Online - digital images of books and periodicals published during the 19th Century. Includes contemporary notices on some German authors.

EROMM - European Register of Microform and Digital Masters.

Digital Staatsbibliotek - some nineteenth-century German books are available here in digital form.

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