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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: HI 232

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REF E 176 .D565 1999  American National Biography  also online

African American Music Reference  Includes biographies, chronologies, sheet music, images, lyrics, liner notes, and discographies which chronicle the diverse history and culture of the African American experience through music.




REF HQ 1410 .W64  Women's History Sources  (for collections of documents)

REF HQ 1410 .H36 2000  Handbook of American Women's History

REF HQ 1410 .H85 1993 (2 vols.)  U.S. Government Documents on Women 1800-1990

REF HQ 1115 .W645 1999 (3 vols.)  Women's Studies Encyclopedia      also online

REF E 169.1 .G667 1995  Columbia Chronicles of American Life 1910-1992

REF E 178.5 .A24 (6 vols.)  Album of American History (6 vols.)  Images from over 4 centuries of U.S. history.

REF E 169.1 .G7555 2002 (4 vols.)  Greenwood Guide to American Popular Culture

REF E 169.1 .S764 2000 (5 vols.)  St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture


 REF HQ 1185 .E63 2005  Encyclopedia of Women's Autobiographies


REF HQ 1236 .R29 2001   Encyclopedia of Women Social Reformers       also online

REF HQ 1421 .B47 1999   The Women's Liberation Movement in America


REF D 740 .O94 1995  The Oxford Companion to World War II

REF U 52 .A44 2003 (2 vols.)  Amazons to Fighter Pilots:  A Biographical Dictionary of Military Women

REF U 21.75 .S54 1996  Women and the Military

REF UA 23 .E56 1994 (3 vols.)  Encyclopedia of the American Military


REF LA 2311 .W65 1994  Women Educators in the U.S. 1826-1993

REF LC 1569 .W66 2002  Women in Higher Education

REF LB 15 .E47 2003  Encyclopedia of Education  (multiple volumes)


REF GV 709 .E53 1998  Encyclopedia of Women and Sports in America

REF GV 709 .I58 2001  International Encyclopedia of Women and Sports


REF HQ 21 .I68 2004  Continuum Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality

REF HQ 9 .H846 1994  Human Sexuality:  An Encyclopedia

REF HQ 76.3 .U5 E53 2004  Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History in America

REF HQ 75.5 .L4395 (2 vols.)  Lesbian Histories and Cultures

REF HQ 76.5 .M94 2003  Historical Dictionary of the Lesbian Liberation Movement


REF R 692 .B52 2002  Biographical Dictionary of Women Healers

REF R 133 .E5 1993 (2 vols.)  Companion Encyclopedia to the History of Medicine


REF NX 512.3 .A35 E53 2004  Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance


REF PN 1993 .V36 (24 vols.)  Variety Film Reviews

REF PN 1998.2 .A24 1991  Reel Women

REF PN 1993.45 .W6 1994  Women's Companion to International Film

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