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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Primary Sources (Online & Print)

Online Archives

  • American Memory Project  Library of Congress’s digitized American historical materials. The original formats include manuscripts, prints, photographs, posters, maps, sound recordings, motion pictures, books, pamphlets, and sheet music.  Includes a section on Women's History.
  • Independent Voices  A digital archive of alternative press and underground zines from the 1960s to the 1980s.  This collection will continue to expand until the project is fully realized in 2019.  In the meantime, a dozen or so titles are already available to search through open access agreements.  "Independent Voices provides easy access to the powerful voices of feminists, dissident GIs, campus radicals, Native Americans, anti-war activists, Black Power advocates, Latinos, gays, lesbians and more." [taken from the website]
  • Women and Social Movements in the U.S., 1600-2000  A resource for primary source documents covering the history of women in social movements in the U.S. from 1600 to 2000, this collection provides information on women's reform activities by bringing together books, images, and full-text documents as well as scholarly essays, a chronology of U.S. women's history, a dictionary of social movements and organizations, a bibliography, and teaching tools.
  • Early American Imprints, Series I:  Evans, 1639-1800  A digitized full-text collection of books, pamphlets and periodicals published in the United States from 1639 to 1800. It is a collection of primary source material (more than 36,000 titles when complete) on all aspects of 17th and 18th century life in America and Europe (especially England) based on Charles Evans American Bibliography, which listed all known publications in this period.

  • Early American Imprints, Series II:  Shaw & Shoemaker, 1801-1819  Books, pamphlets, broadsides and other imprints listed in the distinguished bibliography by Ralph R. Shaw and Richard H. Shoemaker.  Chronicles the people, ideas and events behind the early political, social, cultural and geographic growth of the United States.

  • Annals of American History (online)  Primary source documents (including historical accounts, speeches, memoirs, poems, editorials, and cultural criticism) and multimedia (including images, video, and audio clips), covering U.S. history from 1493 to modern times.

Center for Research Libraries Catalog

A rich source for primary documents in many areas.  In addition to searching the catalog directly, there are Topic Guides for Women's and Gender Studies, and for U.S. History, which include historical newspapers, broadsides, pamphlets, and proceedings.  Many of the materials cited are available directly in full-text PDFs; all may be borrowed from the Center through our Interlibrary Loan department (use your ILLiad account to make a request).

Historical Newspapers and Journals

America's Historical Newspapers, 1690-1922  The full text of early American newspapers for the following series: Early American Newspapers, Series 1, 1690-1876; Series 2, 1758-1922; Series 3, 1829-1922; Series 4, 1756-1922 and Series 5, 1777-1922.

Proquest Historical Newspapers  Coverage varies, but good for a few major newspapers.

American Periodicals Series Online Journals  Digitized images of the pages of American magazines and journals published from colonial days to the 20th century. Titles range from Benjamin Franklin's General Magazine and America's first scientific journal, Medical Repository to popular magazines such as Vanity Fair and Ladies' Home Journal to groundbreaking journals like The Dial, Puck, and McClure's.

19-Century Masterfile gives citations for writings from 1800-1900 from several nations.  It includes references to articles, newspapers, books, and U.S. and U.K. government documents.  You will have to search for the full text of what you find here separately, but it is a rich source of primary materials for the 19th-century.  You may find some items in our own catalog, or through WorldCat, which you can search directly for more primary material from any century.

Harper's Weekly from 1857 through 1912.

Humanities and Social Sciences Index Retrospective, 1907-1984 and Readers Guide Retrospective      Indexes scholoary and popular general-interest periodicals published in the United States and reflects the history of 20th century America.

Bibliographies of Diaries

REF Z 7963 .B6 C55 1989  Women's Diaries, Journals, and Letters

REF Z 5305 .U5 G66 1987  The Published Diaries and Letters of American Women

REF Z 5305 .U5 A 74 1983  American Diaries [2 volumes]

REF Z 1247 .M3  American Diaries ...written prior to the year 1861

REF Z 1251 .E1 F6 1967  New England Diaries, 1602-1800

REF Z 7963 .B6 A32 1983   Through a Woman's I: An Annotated Bibliography of American Women's Autobiographical Writings, 1946 - 1976


Microfilm Collections

  • American Women's Diaries: Segment 1 New England Women. Readex Corporation, 1984
  • DESCRIPTION: MICROFILM 22 reels. The lives of eight middle and upper class women residing on the Eastern Seaboard, 18th-20th centuries. Filmed from the handwritten originals at the American Antiquarian Society.
  • LOCATION: Miller Library, 1st Floor. MICROFILM 1500-1520
  • ACCESS: Guide and index to women's diaries. Segment 1. New England women REFERENCE HQ1418 .A442 1984
  • American Women's Diaries: Segment II Southern Women. Readex Corporation, 1988-1990.
  • DESCRIPTION: MICROFILM 34 reels. Includes 37 manuscript diaries located in 13 repositories.
  • LOCATION: Miller Library, 1st Floor. MICROFILM #3167-3200
  • ACCESS: REFERENCE HQ1438 .S65 B43 1990
  • American Women's Diaries: Segment III Western Women. Readex Corporation, 1998.
  • DESCRIPTION: MICROFILM 35 reels. Has 800 diaries of the journey westward and settlement of the west.
  • LOCATION: Miller Library, 1st Floor. MICROFILM #1616
  • ACCESS: REFERENCE HQ1438 .W45 A4 1998
  • Catt, Carrie Chapman. The Papers of Carrie Chapman Catt. Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1978.
  • DESCRIPTION: MICROFILM 18 reels. Correspondence, diaries, speeches, articles, etc. relating to women's suffrage, feminism, and world peace.
  • LOCATION: Miller Library, 1st Floor. Microfilm 3254
  • ACCESS: Paper Guide. REF Z6611 .W6 L52 1985
  • Child, Lydia Maria Francis. The Collected correspondence of Lydia Maria Child, 1817-1880. Kraus Thompson Organization Microform, 1979.
  • LOCATION: Miller Library, 1st Floor. Microfiche #213
  • ACCESS: Paper Guide. REF E449.C534152 H64
  • Les Femmes. Clearwater Pub. Co., 1971-1980.
  • DESCRIPTION: 481 MICROFICHE. Rare works from France on microfiche from the Bibliotheque Nationale. A collection of 127 titles dating from the 17th-20th centuries, scrutinizing every aspect of women's lives.
  • LOCATION: Miller, First Floor. Microfiche #212
  • ACCESS: Printed Guide. REF HQ 1613 F4
  • (League of Women Voters) Papers of the League of Women Voters, 1918-1974. University Publications of America, Inc., 1985.
  • Pt.1 Meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committees: Minutes and Related Documents. 14 reels.
  • Pt.3: Series A National Office Subject Files, 1920-1932. 34 reels
  • LOCATION: Miller Library, 1st floor. MICROFILM #1995
  • ACCESS: Paper Guide. REF JF848 P32 1985
  • National American Woman Suffrage Association (records, 1839-1961). Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1981.
  • LOCATION: Miller Library, 1st Floor. Microfilm 3257
  • ACCESS: Paper Guide. REF Z6611 W6 L52 1985
  • (National Association of Colored Women's Clubs) Records of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs, 1895-1922. University Publications of America, 1933-.
  • DESCRIPTION: MICROFILM 26 reels. Pt.1 Minutes of National Conventions, Publications, and President's Office Correspondence.
  • LOCATION: Miller Library, 1st floor. MICROFILM #3250
  • ACCESS: Paper Guide, REF E185.86 B64 1994 Guide
  • (Roosevelt, Eleanor) Papers of Eleanor Roosevelt, 1933-1945. University Publications of America, Inc., 1986.
  • DESCRIPTION: MICROFILM 20 reels. Microfilmed in cooperation with the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library. Advisory Editors Dr. Susan Ware and Dr. William H. Chafe.
  • LOCATION: Miller Library, 1st floor. MICROFILM #1975-1994.
  • ACCESS: Paper guide. REF E807.1 R575 1986
  • Southern women and their families in the 19th century, papers and diaries. University Publications of America, Inc., 1991.
  • DESCRIPTION: MICROFILM 49 reels. Series A, Holdings of the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina, ChapelHill
  • LOCATION: Miller Library, 1st floor. MICROFILM #3201-3249
  • ACCESS: Paper Guide. REF HQ 1438. S65 S34 1991
  • The Twentieth Century Trade Union Woman: Vehicle for Social Change: Oral History Project, pt.1 Microfilming Corporation of America, 1978.
  • DESCRIPTION: 61 MICROFICHE containing 41 oral histories of women and their union activities.
  • LOCATION: Miller Library, 1st floor. Microfiche #211
  • ACCESS: Look at fiche headers, no separately published guide.

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