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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Encyclopedias (Print)




  • REF HQ 1115 .H86 1995 Humm, Maggie. The Dictionary of Feminist Theory 2d ed. Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 1995. A more traditional dictionary approach to feminist content. Good starting place for most terms and concepts.
  • REF HQ 1115 .R68 2000 Gamble, Sarah. The Routledge Critical Dictionary of Feminism and Postfeminism. NY: Routledge, 2000. Fifteen signed essays on various topics plus an A to Z section of key themes and major figures, briefly described.
  • REF HQ1190 .E63 2000 Code, Lorraine, ed. Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories. NY: Routledge, 2000. Despite the title, this is a dictionary, designed to recognize women's self-defining activities, resist exclusionary actions, and offer provocative definitions of terms.

General Encyclopedias

  • REF HQ 1115 .R69 2000 Kramarae, Cheris & Dale Spender. Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women. 4 vols. NY: Routledge, 2000. The best starting point for research into topics in women's studies. Particularly valuable for its global focus.
  • REF HQ 1115 .W645 1999 Tierney, Helen, ed. Women's Studies Encyclopedia, rev. & ex. ed. 4 vols. CT: Greenwood Press, 1999. A work designed for non-specialists, to introduce them to the full array of women's studies in the U.S., with some articles dealing with other areas of the world.
  • REF HQ 1115 .W6425 1997 McFadden, Margaret, ed. Women's Issues. 3 vols. NJ: Salem Press, 1997. Intended to address the changing nature of women's lives in the U.S. Each entry outlines relevant issues and provides extensive cross-references and bibliography.

Topical Encyclopedias

  • REF HQ 76.6 .R442 2000 Rengel, Marian. Encyclopedia of Birth Control. AZ: Oryx Press, 2000. Short articles on all aspects of birth control. Includes articles on a sampling of other countries.
  • REF HQ 1075 .E68 2001 Worell, Judith, ed. Encyclopedia of Women and Gender. 2 vols. NY: Academic Press, 2001. Extensive essays on issues of the psychology of sex and gender as they pertain to women. Topics include body image, career, cross-cultural gender roles, friendship, media, lesbian and bisexual women, stress, and work environments.
  • REF HQ 777 .G5745 2001 Forman-Brunell, Miriam. Girlhood in America. 2 vols. CA: ABC-Clio, 2001 Lengthy articles with cross-references and substantive bibliographies on issues affecting U.S. girls. Race, class, orientation, and religion are addressed, and most articles have a strong historical perspective.
  • REF HQ 1410 .H36 2000 Howard, Angela M. & Frances M. Kavenik, eds. Handbook of American Women's History. 2d ed. CA: Thousand Oaks, 2000 Persons, concepts, and events in women's history in the U.S.
  • REF GV 709 .I58 2001 International Encyclopedia of Women and Sports. 3 vols. NY: Macmillan, 2001. Interprets sports in the broadest possible context (it includes arm wrestling),with illustrations, statistics, and bibliographies, and good historical coverage.
  • REF JF 851 .H28 2000 International Encyclopedia of Women's Suffrage. CA: ABC-CLIO, 2000. Designed to shift the focus away from the U.S. and U.K. suffrage movements to provide examples of other models.
  • REF HQ 75.6 .U5 L35 1996 The Lesbian Almanac NY: Berkeley Books, 1996. History, statistics, illustrations, lists, slang, and directories for lesbians in the U.S., compiled by The National Museum and Archive of Lesbian andGay History.
  • REF K 644 .R54 1998 Rights of Women: A Guide to the Most Important U.N. Treaties on Women's Human Rights . NY: International Women's Tribune Center, 1998. An introduction to human rights conventions, both established and in process, as they apply to women in different nations. Specific rights are spelled out, with references to the appropriate conventions. Useful Web sites, contact information, and work sheets.
  • REF E 159 .K39 1994 Sherr, Lynn & Jurate Kazickas. Susan B. Anthony Slept Here: A Guide to American Women's Landmarks. NY: Times Books,1994. Arranged by state, with illustrations, bibliography, and index, but no maps. A useful source for lesser known aspects of women's history.
  • REF HQ 1870.9 .W6548 1998 Stromquist, Nelly P. Women in the Third World. NY: Garland, 1998. Research essays on theory, concepts, politics, sex roles, demographics, health, marriage, family, production, environment, and social change for women in developing nations. There are also geographical essays on women in14 different regions, and an annotated bibliography.
  • REF HQ 1421 .B47 1999 Berkeley, Kathleen C. The Women's Liberation Movement in America . CT: Greenwood Press, 1999. Chronology, explanatory essays, biographies, primary documents, and a photo essay on women's liberation in the U.S. from 1848 to 1999.

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