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Jewish Studies: CITING SOURCES



Use MLA style to create citations in the humanities.


Learn everything you need to know about MLA style in the MLA Handbook
or visit one of these online style guides...*

* Login information for the official MLA Handbook Web site is available from your Librarian



Citation software can be an excellent and convenient option.

Learn more about RefWorks




Why do we cite?

Citations are an important part of the scholarly conversation.  
They demonsatrate the research path someone took to develop and idea, 
and they offer information on related research resources.

When do I need to cite?

Of course you need to cite when you directly quote someone else
but don't forget to cite when you reference another person's ideas 
and when you outline someone else's argument or line of reasoning.

Does Colby have an official policy on plagiarism?

Definitely! Read up on Colby's Academic Honesty Policy here
And if you have questions, ask your professor or librarian.

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