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AR/AM 375 Representing Difference in American Visual Culture: Primary Resources

A guide to research, image rich websites, and primary resources for this topic

Websites and Digital Collections

What are primary resources?

Definition, From UCLA's Institute on Primary Resources

Types of Resources:

  • Visual works and images: photographs, paintings, sculpture, graphic arts, posters, sheet music covers, posters, advertising, illustrations in period journals newspapers, etc.
  • Other creative works: musical works, audio, film, drama, novels, poetry, etc.
  • Original documents: autobiographies, diaries, interviews, lectures, letters, minutes, news accounts, speeches, official records, broadsides, oral histories, period maps, exhibition records and catalogs, period journals
  • Relics and period objects: furniture, clothing, jewelry, utensils, pottery, other utilitarian objects.

Primary Resources for American Art in the Colby Catalog

  • Search by AUTHOR, when doing an artist search, to bring up original works of authorhip, the artist's own writings, exhibition catalogs, etc.
  • Search by KEYWORD, using the artist's name AND terms like: Letter* Interview* Lecture* Memoir* Video* Autobiog* Source* Document* Catalog* Papers Archiv*

      NOTE: Use the asterisk symbol * to bring up variant forms of a word

      E.g. "Jacob Lawrence AND (interview* or lecture*) 

More suggestions

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