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Online databases and strategies for library research for "Music, Media, and the Representation of Difference"


Use one of the home page links below to find this in CBBcat. Find both the printed book and ebook!


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Sita Sings the Blues

 SITA SINGS THE BLUES. (Excerpt found on the Internet place to visit)

Click on the image to play the video





Test your knowledge!

  • Use the "Databases and Finding Journal Articles" tab to find an article on this animated film/cartoon, and the use of the music in the cartoon.
  • Identify the singer in this video and find information about her in Oxford Music Online (See tab above for "Encyclopedias..")
  • What were the legal issues with the appropriation of certain music for this animated film that prevented widespread distribution of the film?
  • Use the "COPYRIGHT" tab on the Art and Music Library Home Page. When does a work go into public domain?
  • Is this the type of "voice" you expected to hear when you saw the image, and why do think the producer used this music.
  • What is it about her voice that resonates with the story?


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