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Creative Writing: Print Collections

Information and resources for writers

Just Poetry

Call numbers beginning with 
 6099-PN 6110
General poetry anthologies

Call numbers beginning with 
 1170-PR 1230
Collections of English poetry

Call numbers beginning with 
PS 581-PS 620
Collections of American poetry

Poetry Indexes

Literary Collections

Call numbers beginning with
6120.15-PN 6120.95=
General literature anthologies

Call numbers beginning with
1098-PR 1369=
Collections of English literature

Call numbers beginning with
PS 501-PS 688=
Collections of American literature

Fiction Indexes

Librarian for Humanities

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Karen Gillum
Miller Library 107B
(207) 859-5123

In-office hours: T 10:00-11:00; F 11:00-1:00
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