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Sexualities: Web Sites

Associations and Additional Web Sites


  • GLAD Information on the legal rights and issues of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered, transsexuals, and persons with HIV/AIDS in New England.
  • International Foundation for Gender Education Home page for an organization dedicated to education and activism around transgender and transsexual issues.  Publisher of Transgender Tapestry.
  • Intersex Society of North America A peer support, education, and advocacy group. This site includes articles, press releases, radio programs, excellent bibliographies, and links to other sites.
  • The Kinsey Institute Famous for The Kinsey Report on human sexual behaviors. Includes excellent links to other organizations, data archives, databases, and online bibliographies.
  • Parents and Friends of Gays and Lesbians (PFLAG)
  • A group providing support to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered communities and their families, as well as education for society at large.
  • Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Information about the Society and its aims.


Other sites

  • AcademicInfo Site on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies A superb site for Web research, with well-organized lists of sites.
  • Alan Guttmacher Institute News releases, periodicals, and reports on sexual behavior, reproduction, and law and public policy.
  • Bisexual Resource Center Offers articles, bibliographies, and a list of links covering a wide range of topics and issues relevant to bisexuality. An excellent site, thorough, well organized, and easy to use.
  • Maine Gay Network The Maine page of the Queer Resources Directory.  This group has an updated page, with a link to it from this site, but this site has more information about queer groups in Maine, even if some of the material is dated.
  • PFLAG-Talk Home Page A page for two e-discussion lists, PFLAG-Talk, which offers support to family and friends of lesbians and gays, and TGS-PFLAG, which provides support for families and friends of transgendered folk. Contains information and link to other sites.
  • PlanetOut Information servers of interest to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered communities and their allies.
  • Queer Resources Directory The most all-encompassing list of links for information on LGBTTIQQs and their allies.
  • Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology A description of the Archive and its collections, with good bibliographies, some full text papers and reports, lengthy lists of Websites, information on the history of sexology, and a world-wide directory of organizations and institutions. Very useful for an international perspective.

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