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Government: United States Government: Legislative Branch

News about Congress

  • CQ Weekly Report 
    Non-partisan, timely news and analysis about all activities of U.S. Congress. The first stop to find out what's happening in Washington, D.C. In Miller Library from 1953 on, online version from 1983 to the present.
  • C-Span On-Line
     Information about the current Congress with up to the minute updates on the actions of the Senate and House.
  • The Hill 
    A newspaper that reports on Congress and the Federal government.
  • Roll Call 
    A newspaper that reports on Congress.
  • Résumé of Congressional Activity
    Established in 1947, a final Résumé is issued at the end of each session of Congress. During the current session, a cumulative Résumé is published monthly in the Congressional Record


    Background Information

    • Vital Statistics on Congress (JK 1041 .V582) A complete collection of useful statistics. Volumes 1984-2008 request form storage.

    •  Detailed information about sources of campaign funds from 1990+.

    • Dates and Sessions of Congress Table showing number and years of each Congress along with beginning and ending dates of each Congressional session. Links to information, statistics, and other data related to Congressional sessions.

      CQ Links

      Newly Introduced Bills

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