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Classics: Greece

This page brings together important resources for various branches of study in classical antiquity.

General history

A companion to the classical Greek world / DF214 .C58 2006  Contents

A history of the classical Greek world : 478-323 BC / P.J. RhodesDF214 .R49 2006   Contents

A history of Greece to the death of Alexander the Great / J. B. BuryDF214 .B97 1937


Greek Cities


Xenophon and his world / Christopher Tuplin - PA4497 .X46 2004 

Thucydides and Herodotus /  Edith Foster and Donald Lateiner -  DF211 .T48 2012

The invention of Greek ethnography : from Homer to Herodotus / Joseph Skinner - DF135 .S55 2012  

Intentional history : spinning time in ancient Greece / Lin Foxhall, Hans-Joachim Gehrke, Nino Luraghi - DF217 .S656 2006 

Thucydides and the shaping of history / Emily Greenwood - DF229.T6 G74 2006  

The shadow of Polybius : intertextuality as a research tool in Greek historiography / Guido Schepens, Jan Bollansée -  D56.52.P65 S47 2005 

Aspects of Ancient Greece

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Handbook to life in ancient Greece / Lesley Adkins and Roy A. Adkins

DF77 .A35 1997  includes timelines, biographies, geography, sections on trade, writing, art and architecture

Cunning intelligence in Greek culture and society / Marcel Detienne and Jean-Pierre Vernant

DF78 .D4613 1991

Conventional values of the Hellenistic Greeks 

DF78 .C66 1997

Horkos : the oath in Greek society

DF78 .H67 2007      Contents

Greek thought : a guide to classical knowledge

 DF78 .S2813 2000   

Reciprocity in ancient Greece 

DF78 .R35 1998   Contents

Perceptions of the ancient Greeks / K.J. Dover

DF78 .P37 1992

Interstate relations in classical Greece : morality and power / Polly Low

DF81 .L69 2007    Contents

Festivals of the Athenians / H.W. Parke

DF123 .P37 1986 

The invention of racism in classical antiquity / Benjamin Isaac

DF135 .I82 2004   Contents

Timeline of Ancient Greece

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