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Classics: Starting Your Research

This page brings together important resources for various branches of study in classical antiquity.

Citing Sources


Start using RefWorks when you start your research!

Citation Help

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Tips for Research

When searching the catalog, begin with keyword searching.When you find a good result, scroll down to find subject lines. Click on these hot links to find more books on the same topics, e.g., Theater -- Greece -- History    Use notes and bibliographies in books to trace more sources for your particular enquiry.

When searching JSTOR, use Search> Advanced Search, and limit Type to Article; also narrow the Discipline to Classical Studies to cut down the number of results. For best results, include in your search personal names of people and gods involved in your topic. Use the notes and lists of references at the end of articles to find more sources for your enquiry.

When searching l'Annee Philologique, enter two or three keywords in the search box. You want to cast a wider net here, because despite the "Full Text" label, l'Annee is searching only the title and abstract of the articles. In the list that emerges when you click Search, click on the hot-linked titles to get a full citation and very brief summary. Remember that l'Annee is not a full text database - you will need to look up the results to find whether Colby owns them.

Books at Colby

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