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AR 259: American Art Since 1900: Find Journals and Newspaper Articles

"What is contemporary American Art?" The assignment explores the major themes covered throughout the semester through in depth analysis of an art work from the Colby College Museum.

Research Databases and Journal Articles

Articles: newspapers, magazines, scholarly, peer-review. Which do I use?


Newspaper articles in the major U.S. Newspapers will review art exhibitions as they happen. They are important for determining how the artist is received during her/his lifetime, and thus exhibition reviews are primary sources. Images are often included in the major papers as well.  


Art Magazines cover current topics of the day and current artists, and while they are targeted toward a more popular audience, art enthusiasts, or those following the art market, they contain important information about today's artists and contemporary art. You will often find interviews with current artists in art magazines. Art magazines will also review current exhibitions. Judge each article for focus, depth, the reputation of the writer and the ability to track down information. 


Scholarly journals are publications which report original research to other academics within a specific discipline. Articles which appear in scholarly journals are typically, but not always, subject to peer review prior to publication.


Peer review is the process by which, prior to publication, research articles are evaluated by a group of experts in the field (peers). Articles from peer-reviewed journals are considered to be the most scholarly.

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