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AR 259: American Art Since 1900: Encyclopedias

"What is contemporary American Art?" The assignment explores the major themes covered throughout the semester through in depth analysis of an art work from the Colby College Museum.

Featured Image

The Human Spill by Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson
The Human Spill, 2008
plastic globe with light and chandelier crystals
The Lunder Collection,
Colby College Museum of Art

from ARTstor Digital Library

(click image for larger view)

Encyclopedias and Biographical Dictionaries

Use one of the above encyclopedias for baseline information on a contemporary artist.

Often, however, artists of our time will not be included in established encyclopedias or the encyclopedia information is not up to date. Living artists will have their own website, or their gallery will have information on the artist, from which you can find autobiographical and biographical information, artist statements, sample images of recent works, their publication history and CV. For example:  Gina Siepel, 

See also the website of the PBS-sponsored show : ART21: Art in the 21st Century, for  a full archive of interviews and video clips from all past seasons, and get a great glimpse of 21st century artists at work

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