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Music and Gender: Searching CBBcat

Subject Headings in the Online Catalog

Use the linked the subject headings in the catalog record to navigate to relevant material by broad topic. See examples below.

CBBcat Library Catalog Searching


Advanced Search


Keyword Searching allows you to combine precise free text terms in variety of ways to expand or hone a search, beyond the limitations of standardized headings. 

  • Use the pull down menus, above, e.g. to limit results to Colby, Bixler Library, books, video, sound recordings
  • Look for names of individuals by surrounding their name in quotes, e.g. "Joan Jett"
  • Combine several concepts together to create a "keyword search." 
    • Example: rock music gender (all terms must be present in the search results)
  • Use quotes to keep words together in a phrase.
    • Example: "punk rock" gender
  • Truncation: use the root form of the word with an asterisk at the end. This retrieves material with the term and spelling variations. 
    • Examples: music*   fem*   masculin*
  • Combine keywords using boolean operators AND, OR, NOT, to hone your search.
    • Example: (rap OR hip hop) AND masculinity   (The terms rap OR hip hop can be retrieved, with the term masculinity, in the search results.)

E Book Collections

Input a keyword search into Ebrary and deliver ebooks right to your desktop

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