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Guide to Researching Migrations: Arts



A display of Arts / Music / Culture at Bixler Art & Music Library

Looking beyond the physical migration of populations, in the arts and the creative mind, the migration of culture and ideas permeate what we see, hear, read, and perform, right down to the tango! Cultural continuity and change is a product of the migration of the creative human spirit -- a spirit that clings tenaciously to traditional forms in order to survive and a spirit that imagines and romanticizes in order to create something new.  

Margaret Ericson, Arts Librarian, Colby College Libraries. See bibliography link, above, left



  • Broadway Musicals, A Jewish Legacy. Prod. Albert M. Tapper. B'Way Films, 2012.
    DVD. (MUSIC DVD PN2277 .N5 B76 2012)

    Examines the unique role of Jewish composers and lyricists in the creation of the modern American musical. This entertaining documentary mingles cultural history with illuminating perspectives on the origins and meanings of some of Broadway's most beloved songs, stories and shows
  • WWI: Parisians in New York. Chip Taylor Communications.
    DVD. (ART DVD N 9150 .W67 2005)

    Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia, and Albert Gleizes migrated to New York to see the fabled modern city and to escape World War I. New York represented to these artists the modernity and mechanical progress that they were investigating in their avant garde art. All three men changed their artistic style after arriving in this energetic environment

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