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Recommended Databases

For academic articles, search for second language acquisition or foreign language learning in:




Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts

More Tips & Techniques

Investigate this set of 1-MINUTE VIDEOS on how to use the Libraries' resources.

EA 221

Dual script keyboard. Source: wikicommons

Think Strategically


  • Use terminology and facts learned from the background information to search for articles in Academic Search Complete and other databases listed on the left


  • Search for books in any of Colby's catalogs, expanding your search with subject linking


  • Investigate the notes and bibliographies of every good source you find for leads to more


  • Think about what sorts of publications the information you need might be published in and then where to look for it.​
    • News?
    • Definition of terms?
    • Peer-reviewed report on the results of a new study?
    • An analytical argument on the validity of an approach, conclusion, or theory?


Keyword Searching --  

Experiment with synonyms

Use asterisks to search for multiple word-forms at once: Bilingual* = Bilingual, Bilingualism; lingu* = linguistic, linguistics, 

Use quotation marks to search for a phrase: "Second language"

Try searching the CBB catalog for Companion or Handbook and your keyword. Like this:  Companion  lingu*.  

Companions and handbooks can be very helpful in getting oriented to a new area of study. 


Recommended Books

Principles of language learning and teaching : a course in second language acquisition / H. Douglas Brown  

Colby Miller 1st Floor New Book  P51 .B775 2014


How languages are learned / Patsy M. Lightbown and Nina Spada 

Colby Miller 1st Floor New Book

 P118.2 .L54 2013




Second language acquisition : an introductory course / Susan M. Gass with Jennifer Behney and Luke Plonsky 

Colby Miller 1st Floor New Book  P118.2 .S424 2013